What does it take to go from idea…

…to published book…

…to a business based on that book?

writing articles

It takes courage

…which you have, or you wouldn’t be researching how to write and publish your book.

It takes tenacity

…which you have, or you wouldn’t have read this far on the page.

And it takes knowhow

…which you can piece together with research on the web, in classes, through books, and via experience (as I have)

…or you can read on and take the shortcut.

There are a lot of steps in between an idea for a book and the end goal of a published book that transforms lives and makes you money. It can be very easy to forget a step. And it may even be possible that you don’t know what all the steps are.

Introducing the Authorneering 101 Checklist!

This checklist guides you through all the steps so that you won’t miss one and you can plan for them in advance, weaving them into your overall writing process.

Authorneering 101

Many times I’ve gotten to the end of a book project only to realize that I forgot an important step. This meant either I launch on time and not get all the results I wanted. Or I postpone the launch. The latter can be challenging if you’ve already announced your publish date!

That’s why I created this checklist. And, since I know other new and established authors are probably experiencing the same thing, that’s why I’m making it available to you.

In about 16 pages, I share the eight steps required for writing a book and building a business around it, and I break those steps down into more manageable sub-steps. You’ll learn:

  • The six basic steps of publishing a book, from pre-work to launch
  • How to create a marketing plan and weave it into your book publishing process
  • Ways you can build a business around the book and beyond

Simply complete the form below and a link to download your copy of the Authorneering 101 Checklist will be sent directly to your email inbox. Don’t wait and let your book idea waste away …download your checklist today!


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