Who Wants to Start their Journey to a Profitable Book?

Are you ready to transform your knowledge into a book that not only builds your expertise but also propels your business to the next level? Look no further! Welcome to the Author Success Formula — where writing meets wealth creation.

Unlock the Power of Your Words:
Why This Program Matters

Inside you is a book waiting to be written, a book that can forge your legacy, establish your authority, and elevate your confidence. The Author Success Formula is your guide to unleashing that potential. Whether you’re contemplating your first book or refining your writing craft, this private 1:1 coaching and consulting program is tailored for you.

Journey Highlights: What You’ll Learn

Setting the Foundation

Master content organization, platform building, and strategic planning beyond the book.

Writing Mastery

Develop impeccable writing habits, conquer “writer’s block,” and see your book through from start to finish.

Strategic Marketing

Learn effective book marketing strategies, prioritize them, and launch your book with a supportive team (your Launch Crew).

Publishing Insights

Navigate different formats, explore publishing options, and discover the right professionals to bring your book to life.

Program Features:
Your Success, Our Commitment

The Author Success Formula is a comprehensive six-month “done with you” experience. You’ll benefit from live and recorded workshops, group and private coaching, personalized feedback, and a year of Voxer/Messenger/email support. My goal is simple — to set you up for success and provide the guidance and support you need to get your book done.

Potential Program Topics

Every author comes to this program with a different set of skills and experiences, so the Author Success Formula is tailored to the individual, covering only the topics that the individual needs to be successful. These topics may include:

  • Planning Your Book
  • Writing Your Book
  • Publishing Your Book
  • Marketing Your Book
  • Hosting a Book Signing Event
  • Amazon Author Page Optimization
  • Growing Your Email List
  • Creating You Book-Based Product Suite
  • Virtual Book Tours, and more!

By the program’s end, you’ll have a working outline, a completed chapter, and a solid marketing plan, ensuring your book is not just written but strategically positioned for success.

Who This Program Is For

This program is for you if:

  • You have expertise in a specific topic.
  • You’re ready to put in the work to create a valuable book.
  • You want to create a book that genuinely helps people.

This program is not for you if:

  • You’re interested in writing fiction.
  • You’re not ready to invest the time and effort.
  • You’re solely seeking fame and fortune.

Your Investment in Success

Your investment in the Author Success Formula is a strategic move toward a value-packed future. Here’s what’s included:

  • Video Lessons: $900
  • Checklists, Workbooks, Worksheets, and Planners: $1100
  • 12 Coaching Sessions: $6000
  • Personalized Feedback on Your Book Outline: $400
  • Personalized Feedback on Your Sample Chapter: $700
  • Personalized Feedback on Your Marketing Plan: $600
  • Unlimited Voxer/Messenger/Email Support for One Year: $1500

Total Value: $11,200

Your Price:

  • Single Payment Option: $5,000
  • Split Payment Option: Six monthly payments of $997

Ready to Craft Your Success Story?

About Your Instructor, Carma Spence

Carma headshot - smiling to the right
As Seen On

From the enchantment of seeing my name written in the sands of Mombasa Beach to the sage advice of my fourth grade, my journey with words started early. At four, I embarked on the adventure of crafting words on a page, igniting a passion that has fueled my entire life.

My fascination with writing led me to a pivotal moment in the fourth grade when Miss Proud encouraged me to consider a career as a writer. Those words became my anchor during challenging times.

As an undergraduate, my exploration of science writing propelled me toward a master’s degree in journalism. I proudly earned my M.S. in Journalism from the top-ranked Public Relations graduate program in the nation, as recognized by U.S. News & World Report.

For more than two decades, I’ve navigated the dynamic field of marketing communications, earning accolades for my editorial skills, including an award for editing an employee newsletter.

In 2007, I took the plunge into authorship with Bonkers for Bundt Cakes, a simple cookbook that recouped its cost within a year. Subsequent books, including Your Perfect Pie, showcased my love for cooking and baking.

In 2009, the first edition Home Sweet Home Page dived into the digital landscape. The second edition came out in 2021 and rose to #1 bestseller in three categories. In 2013, 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online was released by a boutique publisher. And in 2018, Public Speaking Super Powers soared to #2 in Kindle New Releases for my category, a testament to the power of compelling storytelling. It went on to be a #1 bestseller in three categories and win three awards.

Beyond solo projects, I’ve contributed to numerous anthologies that earned international bestseller status.

With a rich tapestry of experience in writing, editing, publishing, and training, I am thrilled to share my insights and support you in reaching your publishing dreams. Join me in the Author Success Formula, where we transform your words into a legacy.

Embark on Your Publishing Odyssey. Let’s Craft Your Success Story!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is a priority. If within the first 30 days, you feel the program isn’t the right fit, you can request a refund. For those who paid in full, up to $4,500 will be refunded. Those on a payment plan can receive up to $497 back, with the remaining $500 covering administrative costs and any personal time invested.

Clicking the “Schedule Your Author Strategy Call Now!” button takes you to a page where you can schedule a call directly with me. This personalized call serves as a platform for mutual assessment—ensuring the Author Success Formula aligns with your goals while giving us a chance to connect. If we both agree that this program is the right fit for you, I’ll promptly send over the payment details.

satisfaction guaranteed

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