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Unique Brand

and Grow Your Author Platform Like a Superstar

One-Day Bootcamp Intensive Sets You Up for Success!

Are You…

…an author-entrepreneur ready for a brand refresh who struggles to:

  • Get an audience to notice you?
  • Sell books to the right readers?
  • Grow your author-based business?
  • Feel aligned with your clients or your business?
  • Enjoy your business at all?

Does it sometimes seem like you are that proverbial tree that falls in the forest with no one around to hear you?

I hear you…

…and it doesn’t have to be that way! When you have a clear, strong, authentic author brand that is rooted in:

  • Your strengths
  • Your personality
  • Your message

You can attract your ideal readers and earn their loyalty with ease and grace. Growing your business also becomes easier, because you are laser-focused on what makes sense for your business and your audience — you aren’t as easily distracted by opportunities that take you down rabbit holes.

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Meet Your Bootcamp Instructor & Branding Guide

My name is Carma Spence, and I am the author of five books, including the #1 bestseller Home Sweet Home Page, and the award-winning and bestselling Public Speaking Super Powers. I have contributed to several international bestselling books, am an award-winning speaker, and a three-times award-winning editor.

In addition, I am a Certified StoryWay Guide and am certified in Author Marketing. I have been obsessed with all aspects of being an author since I was a toddler, continuously self-educating throughout my life with books, classes, and in-the-trenches, hands-on experience. I’ve experimented with independent and hybrid publishing, as well as been published by a boutique publisher. My first book turned a profit within six months – with no audience and very little marketing. And it still sells well to this day.

I have more than 25 years of professional experience in marketing and public relations and hold a master’s degree in journalism from what U.S. Today called the #1 graduate program in public relations. I’ve studied the success – and lack thereof – of numerous authors, which is how I developed the Authorneer’s Code Framework. Therefore, I know a thing or two about how to lay the foundations for a successful author-entrepreneur (or as I call it, Authorneer) business.

Introducing the Author Branding Bootcamp

This Bootcamp is a one-day experience in which we dive into your business, your dreams for your business, and your message so that we can identify the key elements of your brand and develop your Branding Bible, including your Brand Promise so that you can more easily and clearly communicate about what you have to offer as an author. In this Bootcamp, we will cover the following pillars of an author brand:

Core Values

Your authentic brand needs to be rooted in your core values, which is why this is the first thing we work on.

Target Market

The wise adage goes that if you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. Therefore we need to clearly identify who you serve with your message and business.

Brand Personality

What makes your brand different from the brands of other authors, especially those writing in the same genre, is your brand personality. Therefore, this needs to be established and clarified.

Brand Differentiators

In addition to your brand personality, we also need to describe specific aspects of your business that set it apart from others.

Vision and Mission

These two statements will help you say yes to opportunities that are in alignment with your goals and easily say no to those that are not. They are the compass of your brand.

Brand Promise

This statement keeps you on track so that all your products, services, and book don’t go off-brand. It helps you stay clear on what your audience seeks from you.

Color Palette

Everything you put out into the world needs to look like it came from your business. A clear brand color palette helps you do that.

Brand Fonts

Your brand fonts work in tandem with your brand colors, helping your audience know at a glance that this communication came from you.


The Founders Cohort is now open. As a Founders Cohort student, you will receive the special pricing listed below. But hurry! Once these seats have been taken, the prices will go up.

A two-payment option is available for the V.I.P. Program here.
If you select this option, your private Bootcamp can be scheduled after the final payment has been made.

What People Are Saying

“Carma has an almost uncanny ability to pick up on what’s important and needs focus in a business. … as a coach, there is no unfamiliar terrain for Carma … She does it all with the same level of grace and clarity. I would send any entrepreneur that needs to get re-inspired and laser-focused on their dream to Carma.”
Rev. Rochelle Walden

Spirit in Business Coach

“I was motivated, I just wasn’t clear. Thanks to Carma, I have been able to break the big picture into manageable steps so I feel less overwhelmed. She also provides a place to land when I need help… resources referrals and a nudge for the next step forward. Her help was a welcomed port in the storm of marketing and promotion conundrums. Drop the excuses and let her help now!”
Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.

Center of Happiness

“Carma worked her magic in a matter of a few hours. She was able to do what I had been struggling to do alone for months! In addition to saving time and money, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Carma made figuring out how to say what I wanted to say, an engaging, fun and creative process that sparked more ideas to grow my coaching business.”
Jennifer Lauretti

Southborough, Mass.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.​”

Steve Forbes

Editor-in-Chief of business magazine Forbes

Image: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

This All Sounds Great But…

Is this bootcamp for aspiring, new, or established authors? What if I've never written a book before or my business is not launched yet?

This bootcamp is perfect for authors who have not established a brand yet, or need a brand re-fresh. That means it doesn’t matter if you haven’t written a book yet or have a suite of them on the market — if you are ready to get clear on your branding so that you will have a strong compass moving forward — then this bootcamp is for you.

How much support will I get?

How much support you receive is dependent on whether you invest in the Group, Group+, or V.I.P. option.

Because I limit each Group Bootcamp to no more than 5 participants, group members will receive personal guidance from Carma during the session, as well as any feedback that other students may offer.

Group+ students receive an additional 2-hour private session to ensure that the work they did on their Brand Bible is complete and properly aligned to them and their businesses.

V.I.P. students will experience the full Bootcamp 1:1 with Carma to identify and polish the elements of their Brand Bible.

Both Group+ and V.I.P. students will receive a copy of their Brand Bible printed in full color and mailed to their home in a binder so that they will always have it to refer back to, and it will be easily accessible on their shelf rather than buried in their hard drive.

For all Author Branding Bootcamp students, Group, Group+, and V.I.P., I have also established a private Facebook group so that you can receive support and feedback from me and others on an ongoing basis. Note: This Facebook group is new, therefore there may not be many members at first.

I'm just a new author, I'm just getting started, and my book isn't finished yet. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! Since your brand, and especially your brand promise, is the North Star or compass for your business, getting this right BEFORE you write your book will ensure that you write the RIGHT book. Taking this program now could save you time, money, and a great deal of frustration.

How different is this from other author branding programs?

Most branding programs stop at the Mission, Vision, and Values, and do not help you identify your brand promise, which is the compass for all that you do in your business. Other programs only focus on aesthetics, which are impossible to get right if you haven’t developed all the other elements that we work on in this Bootcamp.

Many branding programs are based on information that is more suitable to the corporate or big business worlds and don’t take into account the unique situation of authors and entrepreneurs. Because these solo entrepreneurs are small, their business brand is synonymous with their personal brand, and therefore rooted in their personal values, interests, and skill sets. This program takes this key information into account and helps students develop a brand that is in alignment with their personal values and goals.

In addition, most author branding programs last no more than three hours, and therefore cannot be as comprehensive as this one. And the group programs allow many more participants per session, therefore they cannot be as tailored to you, your book, and your business as this one is.

How do I know if this bootcamp is right for me?

This bootcamp is for you if:

  • You want to get clear on your brand as an author
  • You want personalized attention so that you don’t spin your wheels
  • You want to write more than one book
  • You want to build a career or business as an author

This is not for you if:

  • You have no interest in building a brand or business with your book
  • You have no intention of writing more than one book
How is the bootcamp scheduled?

For the Group programs, the workshop is scheduled as soon as there are three to five paid participants. If this minimum number is not reached within 60 days of your payment, you will be given the option to upgrade to V.I.P., wait an additional 60 days, or receive a reimbursement.

For the V.I.P. program, after you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to a scheduling page through which you will schedule your initial 15-30 minute pre-Bootcamp consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your unique situation and schedule your Bootcamp session.


A two-payment option is available for the V.I.P. Program here.
If you select this option, your private Bootcamp can be scheduled after the final payment has been made.

Here Is What You Get When You Enroll in the

Author Branding Bootcamp:

One-Day Bootcamp

Group and Group+ students participate in 4.5-hour group workshop held on a Saturday. VALUE: $2,500

Group+ students receive an additional 2-hour private session. VALUE: $2,500

V.I.P. students participate in 5 to 6-hour private workshop held on a Saturday. VALUE: $6,000

This workshop ensures students complete the exercises in a step-by-step fashion so that their brand is clear and they have a brand promise that will guide their business decisions with confidence.

Brand Bible

Having a Brand Bible for your business will help you be successful for years to come.

Group students will receive a Brand Bible template so that they can store all the key brand information in one place. VALUE: $37

For Group+ and V.I.P. students, after our work together is done, I will print out your full-color Brand Bible pages, insert them into a Binder and mail it to your address. (Along with a surprise gift or two.) VALUE: $99

Author Branding Bootcamp Workbook

This 14-page workbook walks you through the exercises that you will go through during the Bootcamp. This resource is a tool you can return to every time you need to create a sub-brand or refresh your overall brand. VALUE: $47

Additional Handouts

Additional handouts, distributed during the Bootcamp, provide supplemental information and examples to help students complete the exercises in the workbook. VALUE: $10

Pre-Bootcamp Values Exercise Worksheet

Your brand must be grounded in your personal and business values. Therefore, this pre-Bootcamp exercise is included to ensure that you are crystal clear on your top three personal and business values. VALUE: $27

BONUS: Author Branding Bootcamp Training Vault

The Author Branding Bootcamp Training Vault contains supplementary training videos and handouts to help you make the most of the Bootcamp and the tools I recommend. VALUE: $300

BONUS: Private Facebook Group for Ongoing Support

Membership in this group is reserved for those who have attended my Author Branding Bootcamp. In the group, I’ll answer your ongoing questions. VALUE: $199

BONUS: Brand Promise Poster

Group+ and V.I.P. Only

A poster featuring your brand promise, in your brand colors, to keep it top-of-mind and help you stay on track and in the scope of your brand.

Group+ students receive a downloadable PDF | V.I.P. students receive the PDF and a printed version mailed to their home | VALUE: $35


If you want to build a career as an author, it is important to establish your brand as early as possible. “Branding is simply a more efficient way to sell things,” says Al Ries, “The Pioneer of Positioning,” bestselling author and marketing expert. So, if you want to sell more books, your brand is your key asset. Besides, as famed horror author Stephen Key says, “A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.” If you’re ready to get clear on your brand so that you can build a sustainable author career or business, enroll in Author Branding Bootcamp today!

A two-payment option is available for the V.I.P. Program here.
If you select this option, your private Bootcamp can be scheduled after the final payment has been made.

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