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The Book Idea Diagnostic Deep Dive
delves into your book idea to uncover
the potential it already has and identifies
specific areas for growth and improvement.

Are You an Entrepreneur with a Book Idea?

  • Do you wonder if the idea is worth investing time, money, and emotion to write, produce and market?
  • Are you uncertain that the book will help you grow your business and achieve the goals that you have in mind for it?
  • Do you dream of being on the bestsellers’ list?

If these questions are buzzing around your brain…

…this session is for you! The Book Idea Diagnostic Deep Dive digs into your book idea to identify where it is solid, as well as diagnose what may hold you back from achieving your dreams. By the end of our time together, you will have a clear picture of where you stand and how you can improve your odds of writing a bestseller-worthy book.

Meet Your Book Diagnostician

My name is Carma Spence, and I am the creator of the world’s first Author Diagnostic Software which identifies the critical factors for author success. I’m also the author of five books, including the #1 bestseller Home Sweet Home Page, and the award-winning and bestselling Public Speaking Super Powers. I have contributed to several international bestselling books, am an award-winning speaker, and a three-times award-winning editor. In addition, I am a Certified StoryWay Guide and am certified in Author Marketing.

I have been obsessed with all aspects of being an author since I was a toddler, continuously self-educating throughout my life with books, classes, and in-the-trenches, hands-on experience. I’ve experimented with independent and hybrid publishing, as well as been published by a boutique publisher. My first book turned a profit within six months – with no audience and very little marketing. And it still sells well to this day.

In addition, I have more than 25 years of professional experience in marketing and public relations and hold a master’s degree in public relations.

I’ve studied the success – and lack thereof – of numerous authors, which is how I developed the Authorneer’s Code Framework and Analysis. Therefore, I know a thing or two about how to lay the foundations for a successful author-entrepreneur (or as I call it, Authorneer) business.

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What Is the Book Idea Diagnostic Deep Dive?

The Book Idea Diagnostic Deep Dive is a comprehensive and systematic examination of a book idea. It is based on the Four Ps Framework, which identifies, addresses, and builds a book idea that serves both the author and the audience effectively.

Using my proprietary Author Diagnostic Software, I will walk your idea through each of the four quadrants of a great book idea. Here are the 4 Ps and why each one of these is so vital for your success:

Quadrant One: Purpose

Your book must serve a purpose both for you and your audience. This quadrant of the diagnostic looks at how strong your book idea’s purpose truly is. And provides actionable tips to strengthen its purpose.

Quadrant Two: Passion

You need to have passion for your book idea or you will not be able to sustain the emotional effort it takes to write, publish, and market your book. And, if you want your book to sell well, you need to tap into the passion of your audience, as well.

Quadrant Three: Possibility

If you have purpose and passion, is that enough? No, it is not, Your book needs the third quadrant of Possibility, or it is just as good as a two-legged stool. With this quadrant, we dive into your book idea’s marketability.

Quadrant Four: Peerless

If you’ve done the work of the first three quadrants, you will know that there are other books that cover the same topic as yours. This is good because it means people are buying books on this topic. But how do you make your book stand out? In this quadrant, we look at what makes your book idea unique.

What’s Included in the Book Idea Diagnostic Deep Dive

Private 1:1 Session with Carma

This 45-90 minute private Zoom call with Carma Spence puts her brain on your book so that you can gain insight into where your book idea is strong and where it could use some work, as well as benefit from her years of experience as a writer, marketer, and PR professional.

Value = $375

Step-by-Step Software-Driven Analysis

Using my proprietary Author Diagnostic software, created using research into the characteristics of successful authors and books, Carma will ask you a series of questions that will uncover where your book idea is strong, and where it could use some work.

Value = $300

Personalized Diagnostic Report

The Author Diagnostic Software will analyze your responses and produce a custom report with your results so that you not only know what your scores are in each area but also understand how to improve those scores.

Value = $30

BONUS: Recording of the Zoom Call

Audio mp3 recording of the Zoom call so that you don’t have to take notes and can stay focused on our conversation, as well as review our conversation during the session later at your leisure.

Value = $15

BONUS: S.W.O.T. Analysis

Based on our conversation and the Diagnostic results, I will provide you with a custom Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (S.W.O.T.) Analysis using the same process that Fortune 500 companies pay $10K for to improve their businesses.

Value = $300

BONUS: S.W.O.T. Advice Report

A S.W.O.T. Analysis only provides you with the facts of the situation. Carma will go a step further and analyze that report to provide you with actionable steps you can take to leverage your strengths and opportunities, as well as repair the weaknesses and avoid (or reduce) the threats.

Value = $300

Total Value (Offer + Bonuses) =


This is based on my current pricing structure.

You Current Price =



Ouch. You know that stab in the heart, kick in the guts feeling of seeing someone else’s book launching
and you’re still stuck thinking about writing your book?


No more standing by and watching other people achieve the things YOU are dreaming of.

I want to give you the proven secrets I have used to go from unpublished and dreaming
to on my way to the bestseller’s list in as little as an hour.

Here Is What You’ll Walk Away with After Your Session:

You will know:

How strong your book idea is now

How you can make it stronger so that it will sell well and build your business

What People Are Saying

“Now I have a better idea of what I want to write about, how it’s going to benefit my readers, if it is something that’s needed in the marketplace to begin with, and how I can make it unique and not just write a whole generic book that’s been written already.”

Yasmin Inal

“Before the Book Idea Diagnostic, I didn’t want to write a book. That was the furthest thing from my mind. I’ve been told to write down ideas, and I’ve been writing them down, but I didn’t know why.

“After the Book Idea Diagnostic, I now know 1) Why I was writing down those ideas even though they’re not in a collective place. And, 2. it gave me a new hope, a new revelation, that I just need to go ahead and write the book. I’ve been being poked and prodded to write the book for a while now, so this was just for the confirmation to do it. My biggest benefit of this session was it helped me to really align with and really pay attention to the steps that I need to do to get a great book.”

Wanda Washington

“Before the book diagnostic session, I was confused. I was doubtful. I had no idea of where to go with all my range of ideas. And afterward, I mean, I just found the whole experience clarifying. I’m able to identify where my weaknesses are and where my strengths are. And I also have a clear roadmap on how to strengthen those weaker parts. I feel much more clarity, I feel hope, and I feel raring to go on the next steps.”

Brooke Packard

“Don’t go to your grave with your book unwritten.”

Carma Spence,
Creator of the Authorneer’s Code Framework


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