Copyright Statements

In general, Carma Spence writes all the content on this website. That content is owned by Carma  Spence and DragonWyze International with all rights reserved. Content may only be used with express written permission from Carma Spence.

Occasionally, a guest article may be posted. When this happens, credit is given to the author of the article. If we have mistakenly left off credit to an author, please send an email to charlies[at] so that the error can be corrected.

In regard to images and illustrations for posts, every effort is made to use royalty-free images or images supplied with permission. If credit is due to the creator of the image, every effort is made to do so. However, occasionally, credit may be inadvertently left off. If this is the case, and you know who the image credit should go to, please send an email to charlies[at] and let him know what credit should be given or if the image should be removed.

Unless explicitly stated, the copyright of all images on this website belongs to the creator of the images. No ownership of the copyright for images is implied or intended. Carma Spence and DragonWyze International never intend to infringe on anyone’s copyright, so please let us know if this has accidentally happened and the image will be removed immediately.



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