Empower Your Authorpreneurial Journey

Unlock the Secrets to Monetizing Your Authorship

As an author, you understand the power of words. But did you know that your expertise can go beyond books and into profitable information products? If you want to grow your book-based business, you need to maximize your creative potential.

Uncharted Territory

Creating information products might seem like uncharted territory, especially for authors. However, I’m here to guide you on this exciting journey.

Did you know that most authors only tap into a fraction of their potential earnings? The truth is that many talented authors struggle to monetize their knowledge beyond their books. They often face roadblocks that hinder their income potential. It’s time to change that narrative.

Good news! I have the solution tailored for author entrepreneurs.

Introducing the FREE eBook:
Diversify Your Income Creating Information Products:
A Blueprint for Authors to Grow Their Revenue Beyond Books.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The five phases of the Product Creation Hero’s Journey.
  • A variety of information products you can create using your authorial expertise.
  • The eight essential questions to refine your ideas into profitable products.

Also included is a Product Creation Checklist to help you plan out your next information product with ease!

Do you want to grow your business by leveraging your books and expertise? Ready to start your journey that boosts your authority, influence, and thought leadership? Simply fill in the form below to get started!

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Want a taste before you click the button?

Watch the January 9, 2018, episode of Weekday Wisdom, in which I give an overview of The Product Creation Hero’s Journey. It is less than 6 minutes long!


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