Master Your Ideal Reader Avatar:

The 12-Minute Workshop That Drives Revenue Through Pinpoint Targeting

Stop Casting a Wide Net: Zero in on Your Ideal Reader and Watch Your Sales Skyrocket

Dear High-Achieving Authors
and Strategic Content Creators,

You’re no stranger to the grind. You’ve researched, outlined, written, and published. But despite your best efforts, your work isn’t getting the traction it deserves. Why? Because you’re missing one key ingredient: laser-focused targeting.

The Hard Truth: Generalized Content is a Profit-Killer

If your content isn’t precisely aimed, you’re leaving money on the table. That’s a fact. Imagine knowing exactly what your ideal reader wants and delivering it in spades. That’s the difference between mediocre sales and a flood of revenue.

Investment for Long-Term Success: One-Time Payment of $47

Unlock the power to strategically target your ideal reader for every future content project you undertake – books, products, services, you name it! For just $47, you’re not just buying a workshop—you’re acquiring a skill set that keeps on giving.

The Core Elements of this
12-Minute Revenue-Boosting Workshop

You’ll Receive:

Definitive Clarity on the Reader Avatar Concept

Stop guessing and start knowing who you’re talking to.

The ROI of Knowing Your Reader Avatar

This isn’t a vanity exercise. It’s a revenue-driving necessity.

The Hands-On Process to Create Your Reader Avatar

The formula that turns abstract concepts into real-world profits.

Your Unbeatable Bonuses:

Creating a Reader Avatar PDF Form

Unlock Endless ROI with the "Creating a Reader Avatar" PDF Form

Transform your content strategy with this plug-and-play PDF form. Designed for immediate impact, fill it out just once and watch as your content continuously hits the mark, elevating your engagement and profits over the long haul.

Draft Your Ideal Reader Avatar in 15 Minutes or Less with aI

Turbocharge Your Reader Avatar Creation with AI-Powered Prompts

Why spend hours refining your Ideal Reader Avatar when you can create a powerful first draft in 15 minutes or less? This bonus guide, available exclusively with this program, provides you with a specially crafted series of three prompts that leverage artificial intelligence (tested on ChatGPT 3.5 and Bard) to generate a pinpoint-accurate Reader Avatar, all while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Who Stands to Gain the Most?

Nonfiction Authors:

This is specifically engineered for authors looking to convert their writing into a profitable asset.

Content Creators:

From blogs to webinars, the methodology taught here will skyrocket your reader engagement and, consequently, your bottom line.

Package Details:

  • 12 Minutes, Zero Fluff: A high-impact video training session that cuts through the noise and gets straight to profit-driving strategies.
  • Lifetime Access & Updates: Market conditions change, but your one-time investment will keep you ahead of the curve.

Ready to Turn Your Words Into Tangible Profits with a One-Time Investment of $47?

About Your Instructor, Carma Spence

Carma headshot - smiling to the right
As Seen On

From the enchantment of seeing my name written in the sands of Mombasa Beach to the sage advice of my fourth grade, my journey with words started early. At four, I embarked on the adventure of crafting words on a page, igniting a passion that has fueled my entire life.

My fascination with writing led me to a pivotal moment in the fourth grade when Miss Proud encouraged me to consider a career as a writer. Those words became my anchor during challenging times.

As an undergraduate, my exploration of science writing propelled me toward a master’s degree in journalism. I proudly earned my M.S. in Journalism from the top-ranked Public Relations graduate program in the nation, as recognized by U.S. News & World Report.

For more than two decades, I’ve navigated the dynamic field of marketing communications, earning accolades for my editorial skills, including an award for editing an employee newsletter.

In 2007, I took the plunge into authorship with Bonkers for Bundt Cakes, a simple cookbook that recouped its cost within a year. Subsequent books, including Your Perfect Pie, showcased my love for cooking and baking.

In 2009, the first edition Home Sweet Home Page dived into the digital landscape. The second edition came out in 2021 and rose to #1 bestseller in three categories. In 2013, 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online was released by a boutique publisher. And in 2018, Public Speaking Super Powers soared to #2 in Kindle New Releases for my category, a testament to the power of compelling storytelling. It went on to be a #1 bestseller in three categories and win three awards.

Beyond solo projects, I’ve contributed to numerous anthologies that earned international bestseller status.

With a rich tapestry of experience in writing, editing, publishing, and training, I am thrilled to share my insights and support you in reaching your publishing dreams.

The clock is ticking.

Each moment you hesitate is an opportunity for your competitors to snatch your potential clients.

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and usher in a new era of personalized, impactful, and—most importantly—profitable content strategy.


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