If you want to get your foot in the door with a busy prospect and make a lasting impression, the best way is to give that prospect a physical copy of your book with a handwritten note that is tailored to that individual.

Why this level of personalization? Here are 7 reasons that physical books with handwritten notes can get busy prospects to pay attention to you:

A physical book has these qualities going for it:

  1. It makes an impression: In an increasingly digital world, a physical book can stand out as a unique and unexpected gift or marketing tool, which can leave a lasting impression on the recipient.
  2. It commands attention: A physical book may command more attention from the recipient than a digital book, as it requires more effort to read and engage with. This can make the book feel more important and meaningful.
  3. It is tangible and feels more permanent: A digital book is ethereal. Sure, you can read it anywhere that you have a digital device with the book loaded on it, but what happens when the power goes out? A physical book is tangible and can be held and touched, which can create a sensory experience that a digital book cannot. This can make the book feel more real and valuable. It also can be kept on a shelf or displayed in a prominent place, making it a permanent reminder of the message or brand it represents.​
Qualities Books Have

The handwritten note amplifies these qualities in these ways:

Handwritten Notes
  1. It is unusual and unique: A handwritten note (who does that anymore?) that was clearly written with the recipient in mind, makes the recipient feel special. This gives you, the author who sent the book and wrote the note, a higher level of attention. A handwritten note has a visceral quality that lends an emotional authenticity that digital messages can’t match.
  2. It bypasses the noise: I don’t know about you, but I get hundreds of emails a day. Add to that the text messages and social media messages, and there is a lot of digital noise. Going back to the basics of an old-fashioned handwritten note focuses on the personal quality that sending letters has.
  3. It builds a stronger bond: A gift taps into human psychology which gives a gift a much value when someone offered their time to create it. You not only wrote the book, but you took the time to write a personal message to go with it. The recipient will feel special and associate their positive feelings with your brand. Even better, this is contagious: Their friends and colleagues will also have a good impression of you after the recipient shares what they got with them.
  4. It’s not all business: As powerful as digital marketing is, it often falls short of building rapport with your prospects. A physical book with a tailored, handwritten note tells the recipient that they matter, and that this isn’t just about business. And this can lead to increased conversions, improved customer retention rates, and a reduction in customer attrition.

You can mail potential clients your book and handwritten not, however, if you meet them in person at a networking meeting … handing them a physical copy of your book that you autographed just for them gives you an air of prestige.

Then, when they read your book and find valuable insights and actionable tips, your short book clearly demonstrates your value proposition and shows how you can help solve the challenges your clients face. So, of course they are going to go to you to get their solution.

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