Hmmm. It looks like your business needs a bit more work before it can benefit from a book.

Given your answers, it looks like your business needs some work before you can gain the maximum benefits from having a book. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

On this page, I’ve included a link to a PDF you can download so that you know exactly what you need to be working on. Then, after you’ve finished laying those foundations, you will be able to effectively use a book to attract more leads, increase visibility, and enhance your authority.

So here are your next best steps:

  1. Download the What You Need in Place to Maximize the Value of Your Book to Your Business checklist. This will provide you with the six areas of your business that you need to shore up.
  2. Join the Identify Your Bestseller-Worthy Idea 3-Day Challenge so that you can develop a solid idea for a book that is aligned with you, your business, and your potential clients’ needs and goals. Even though you don’t have everything in place yet, coming up with at least a first draft of your idea is a great step to take to help you gain clarity.

Select the buttons below to download the PDF checklist, and to learn more about and register for the event.

Maximize Your Book's Value

This checklist outlines the six (6) things you need to have solidified and built into your business in order for you to gain the maximum leverage from a book designed to market your business.


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