Unleash Your Authority with the Hidden Power of Short Books

Discover the Secret Shortcut
Used by the Best in the Business
to Become THE Authority in Your Industry…

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Attention: Visionaries,
and Trailblazers!
Ready to Leave Your Mark as the Ultimate Authority in Your Niche?
If you’re tired of blending in and ready to shine as the go-to expert in your domain, look no further.

The Authority Building
Short Book Jumpstart

Prepare to:

Craft a game-changing short book

Elevate above the noise and make a statement

Cement your distinct authority, credibility, and impact

In just four bite-sized modules, taking up less than 3 hours, you’ll embark on a transformational journey with bestselling author and professional writer, Carma Spence.

But before I continue, let me address the
Big question that may be on your mind…

Why a Short Book?

In an age where attention spans are shrinking and information overload is the norm, the power of brevity and precision cannot be overstated. Successful entrepreneurs Frank Kern, Mike Capuzzi, Jon Morrow, and others have harnessed the magic of concise, client-attracting books and so should you.
Here’s why a short book is your secret weapon:

  1. Speed to Impact: Get your message out fast.
  2. Reader-Friendly: Respect your audience’s time.
  3. Authority Amplified: Showcase expertise without overwhelm.
  4. Client Magnet: Attract high-quality clients.
  5. Differentiation: Stand out with precision.

Got it? Good! Let’s continue.

Here’s the Transformation that Awaits
Inside the Authority Building
Short Book Jumpstart:

Your Idea

The Foundations

  • Decipher the Secrets of the 3 Pillars of a Client-Attracting Book
  • Sculpt a Bestseller-Worthy Manuscript Using a Simple 3-Step Process
Your Implementation Plan

The Roadmap

  • Skillfully Navigate the Terrain of Researching Your Table of Contents
  • Blueprint Your Book for Unforgettable, Industry-Defining Impact
Producing a Good Book

The Quest

  • Command Shortcuts to Effortless Book Creation, No Matter Your Schedule
  • Assemble a Dream Team for Editing and Design, Elevating Your Book to Fabulous
Getting Your Book in the Door

The Quest

  • Unleash Your Book Digitally & in Print, Covering All Bases
  • Catapult Your Book to the top with Proven Bestseller Launch Strategies
  • Ensure Your Book Lands in the Hands of Your Ideal Audience, Leaving a Powerful Impact

“I’m so glad I took Carma’s course to work on my book idea.

“I’ve taken other book-related courses in the past, but they tried to cram too much information into the time allotted. And of course, you end up with more questions after the program is over and don’t have a way to get those questions answered.

“Carma’s course was well organized and her exercises very targeted and focused.

“As a former training manager, I know just how hard it can be to design and run simple exercises that stimulate thinking and help the participant to move forward in applying the concepts.

“Carma’s material, combined with her clear explanations were excellent.

“By the end of the program, I had made clear progress on my book idea and knew how to move forward.

“Whether you’re an independent professional, an executive, or founder of a business and you’re looking to write a very well-targeted book that helps your reader and builds your brand, I highly recommend you take Carma’s course.”

Winnie Anderson

Content Strategist

And That’s Not All – Here’s Your Extra Gift!

You won’t have to do this alone! When you enroll in the Authority Building Short Book Jumpstart, you gain access to an exclusive, members-only Facebook community for life. Carma’s there, popping in regularly for Q&A, priceless advice, and exclusive webinars throughout the year just for insiders.

Meet Your Guide

Carma Spence

Carma Spence, a two-times bestselling author, is your compass on this journey to authority. With more than 25 years of marketing and public relations under her belt, she’s not just an author – she’s an authority on author marketing.

As the author of five books, contributor to numerous anthologies, a professional writer, and an entrepreneur herself, she knows the importance of having a book to build authority, thought leadership, and credibility.

She is the creator of the world’s first Author Diagnostic System that gets to the root of the struggles authors face and helps them improve their odds of becoming award-winning, bestselling authors with thriving book-powered vocations.

She is also certified in Author Marketing and the StoryWay methodology.

As Seen On
Carma Spence

“Carma has an almost uncanny ability to pick up on what’s important and needs focus in a business. …as a coach, there is no unfamiliar terrain for Carma … She does it all with the same level of grace and clarity. I would send any entrepreneur that needs to get re-inspired and laser-focused on their dream to Carma.”

Rev. Rochelle Walden

Spirit in Business Coach

Ready to Ignite Your Authority and Leave a Legacy?

Seize your golden opportunity now for an irresistible price of $197 (or two payments of $99) – an investment that’ll transform you into an authority powerhouse.

Don’t let fear or self-doubt stand in your way. Gain the confidence and positive mindset needed to make a real impact.

Whether you’re looking to attract new clients, secure a better position, launch a speaking career, or establish yourself as a thought leader, this program will give you the skills and confidence to create a powerful, authority-building book and set you apart in your industry.

Bring your passion, your initial book ideas, and let’s embark on this journey together.

What People Say About Working with Carma

“I found working with Carma to be like a laser beam of clarity. When I came into the session, I felt like I knew what I wanted and within a few minutes, Carma had identified what my real needs were and then expanded my perspective and field of possibilities. I recommend Carma to anyone who is ready to move forward with their business and I mean ready NOW because this is empowering stuff!”

Ellie Jacques Capon


“Now I have a better idea of what I want to write about, how it’s going to benefit my readers, if it is something that’s needed in the marketplace to begin with, and how I can make it unique and not just write a whole generic book that’s been written already.”

Yasmin Inal

High-Performance and Mindset Coach, Founder, Amplify Your Dreams

“I was motivated, I just wasn’t clear. Thanks to Carma, I have been able to break the big picture into manageable steps, so I feel less overwhelmed. She also provides a place to land when I need help… resources referrals and a nudge for the next step forward. Her help was a welcomed port in the storm of marketing and promotion conundrums. Drop the excuses and let her help now!”

Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.



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