Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience

The Only Idea-to-Published-Book Program that Includes Live Get-It-Done Workshops, Diagnostic Analyses, Digital and Physical Support Assets, and Continuous Support and Guidance for a Full Year

Is it possible to go from having a dream of being an author to holding your bestseller-worthy book by the Spring?

You bet! As long as you have the right support, the right business foundations, and the chutzpah to go for your dreams, you could be holding your book in your hands by March 2023. This is because the Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience is based on the Authorneer’s Journey framework which was created specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to use a book to grow and market their business.

This program is for you if…

…you are an entrepreneur who is building a business based on your knowledge and expertise and have evidence (of some kind) of your expertise. You want to be an author but haven’t quite made the leap yet. You are coachable and an action taker. You have been told and believe that a book is an excellent way to attract clients and grow your authority and business, but you have no clue how to write, publish, or market a book that will effectively market what you do to whom you serve. And yet, you see the tantalizing possibilities that come with being an author.

I get it

You’ve tried reading books about writing, attending webinars for author novices, reading the deluge of blog posts on the Internet — or at least you like to say you have. But I don’t think you’d be reading this if all that effort had paid off. I’ve been there, too. None of these options inspire you. None of these options help you put together the path from idea to published book. None of these options have moved the needle for you one iota.

But you are tenacious, so you try some more. You double down on the webinars. You research some online classes … but they all seem to be aimed at people who identify as writers and authors. That’s not you. You’re a business owner and your author dreams are there to support your business! So you still don’t have a book on your hard drive or in your hands. In fact, perhaps you are reading this because you are sick and tired of wondering, pondering, and doubting that you will ever make this dream a reality. And you secretly (or not so secretly) feel the pang of jealousy when entrepreneurs you know announce their latest book, share pictures on Instagram of themselves signing autographs, and post on Facebook about getting booked on podcasts … all because they finished their book.

You don’t need to feel like that anymore

I have developed an integrated system that takes away the need to do this all by yourself, removes the problem of what to do and when to do it, and annihilates the struggle with putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). This system literally and truly takes you from author dreamer to published author in six months without the need to change who you are or give up your firstborn child.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Carma Spence, and I am a two-times bestselling author and creator of the world’s first Author Diagnostic System that gets to the root of the struggles authors face and helps them improve their odds of becoming award-winning, bestselling authors with thriving author-based businesses. I am an award-winning speaker, author, and editor with more than 25 years of marketing and public relations experience in the corporate world. I am also certified in Author Marketing and the StoryWay methodology.

I take the time and fear out of writing a book and building a business around it, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners make their authorship dreams come true by writing, publishing, and marketing non-fiction books based on the knowledge between their ears even if they don’t know how to get started and are crazy busy.
As an author, writer, and entrepreneur myself, I know the importance of having a book to build credibility. My five books include 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online (Logical Expressions), the award-winning bestseller Public Speaking Super Powers (Author Academy Elite), and the self-published bestseller Home Sweet Home Page, now in its second edition.
In addition, I hold degrees in Biology and Journalism and have a love of all things sci-fi, from Star Wars and Star Trek to The Martian Chronicles and the Robot novels of Isaac Asimov. I love reading about psychology, natural history, the science of food, and book marketing, as well as talking with like-minded people. In my spare time, I co-host a sci-fi review podcast with my husband and play with our cat (who often makes unscheduled appearances during my training sessions).
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Carma Spence with a brain
carma pointing left in front of corn

I think I know what you’re starting to think…

This won’t work for me because I’m not a writer, or I’m not ready, or … some other “this works for other people, but not me” excuse. But, not to sugarcoat it, if you resonated with the “This program is for you if…” section above, then you are wrong to think this couldn’t work for you. The Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience won’t fail you like other solutions you’ve tried. Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before.

It Goes Beyond the Book

The Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience goes beyond supporting you in writing your book. It helps you build the foundations within your business that you need to support that book. In fact, because of my unique author diagnostic system and software, you will know exactly where in your business you need to focus and provide some TLC. Other programs focus on book writing and publishing alone.

It Has Multiple Support Modalities

The Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience is delivered as a combination of a mastermind group, workshop series, training portal, and book concierge service. No other program provides support through so many modalities. You will even receive your Book Kickstarter workbook and personalized Brand Bible mailed to your home! Most (if not all) other programs make you print out all the PDFs they provide you.

Focused on Long-Term Success

This program is designed to set you up for long-term success, providing you with the tools you need to not only write this book but future books, as well. It helps you develop the mindset and filters you need to make the right decisions for yourself, your business, and those you serve. Other programs ignore or only give lip service to the business structure you need to fully leverage the power of a book. And usually they are one-book focused.

Continued Support Past the Main Program Curriculum

You will continue to have support through monthly group coaching calls and a private Facebook group for questions in between after the main program curriculum is completed in March. Most other program deliver their curriculum and then let you go your merry way.

Transform Your Business
with this Hybrid Workshop and Mastermind Experience

The Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience combines the benefits of a mastermind, workshop series, and online, done-with-you course into one package. The following outlines what you can expect when you become one of the 15 members of the Founders Cohort beginning January 2023.

(This schedule is for reference only. The exact schedule is subject to change.)

January 2023


  • Publishing Roadmap
  • 1 Year’s Membership to Writer’s Block Wizardry
  • Private, Dedicated Facebook Group

Module 1: Assess Your Foundation

In the first month of this program, we will clarify your book idea and run it through a series of analyses so that you will know where it is already strong, and where the idea and your business need some tweaks to ensure success. We will develop an individualized plan of action so that you will know exactly what you need to accomplish throughout the program.

What You Will Receive:


BookIdea Diagnostic Session

During this 45-minute session, we will look at your book idea and how it aligns with you, your business, and your ideal readers. Recording and results report are included.

Authorneer's Code Analysis

During this 45-minute session, we will look at your book idea and how it fits with business, as well as how your business supports your book’s success. Recording and results report are included.


Based on the two sessions, we will develop a S.W.O.T. analysis of your book idea and business so that you can develop a rock-solid plan of action to ensure your book is successful.
February 2023


  • Author Logo Training
  • Canva Author Logo Templates
  • Personalized Branding Bible mailed to your home

Module 2: Build Your Branding Foundation

In the second module, we will focus on your brand as an author. This work will inform the rest of the work we do together, which is why I’ve dedicated an entire month to this process.

What You Will Receive:


Author Branding Workshop

Through a combination of pre-workshop homework, a dedicated weekend workshop, and post-workshop coaching, you will gain clarity around your values, mission, vision, target audience, and most importantly your brand promise.
March 2023


  • Book Kickstarter Workbook mailed to your home
  • Up to 2-Hour recorded Interview
  • AI transcription of the recorded interview

Module 3: Content Plan

In Module 3, we will begin work in earnest on your book, starting with a weekend workshop that will help you finalize your book idea and create a working outline. This outline will help you write your content faster and easier.

What You Will Receive:


Book Kickstarter Workshop

This is where you’ll find the rubber beginning to meet the road. The Book Kickstarter Workshop ensures that you have a working outline that will help you write a book that is in alignment with you and your business, as well as has all the content your future readers will expect and be delighted with. In addition, we’ll work on the interview questions that will form the basis of your first draft, and begin scheduling the recording of your interview.
April 2023


  • WordPress website with 6 months of free hosting
  • Pre-designed webpage templates for all the essential author website pages
  • Content templates for all essential pages (and beyond)

Module 4: Marketing Hub

Module 4 focuses on your marketing hub: Your Author Website. In one weekend, we’ll create the essential pages you’ll need to market your book, and, as a bonus, you’ll receive six months of free hosting. During this fourth month of the program, you’ll also work on the content of your book, including recording your interview if that hasn’t already been completed.

What You Will Receive:


Author Website in a Weekend Workshop

Not only will you receive a WordPress website with six months of free hosting, but you will also receive a full weekend implementation workshop, complete with content and design templates so that your site is ready to showcase your book and business. During this weekend workshop, we’ll make sure that your site has all the essential pages you need to effectively market your book.
May 2023


  • Live walk-through setting up a 99Designs cover contest
  • Three 3D images of your final book cover
  • Concierge services to help you decide on your best options

Module 5: Packaging

While you continue to work on your book, we’ll start putting together the pieces you’ll need to produce it, starting with your cover!

What You Will Receive:


Cover Design Option Seminar

They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we all know people do it anyway. During this seminar, I’ll share best practices for creating your cover and walk you through my favorite options.
June 2023


  • Templates, checklists, and worksheets
  • Learning portal with additional training
  • Answers to all your question during monthly calls and through the Facebook group

Module 6: Publish and Launch

Now that your book is almost done, it is time to publish and market it!

What You Will Receive:


Book Publishing Seminar

During this seminar, I’ll walk through your options and help you decide on your personalized publishing plan.

Book Marketing Seminar

During this seminar, I’ll walk through your book launch and marketing options and help you decide on your personalized book marketing plan.

Throughout the Year

This experience goes beyond the main curriculum, extending community and support for a whole year. Throughout the program, you’ll be supported in a variety of ways so that your book is completed, published, and off to a great start!

What You Will Receive:

  • Achievable Weekly Objectives that will move you toward your goal of becoming a successful published author. Each objective will have a specific intention and will be achievable within 4 hours or less.
  • Regular live Q&A Sessions and Bullet Coaching opportunities.
  • Unlimited support through the Facebook Group.
  • Additional templates, checklists, and training modules that will be added as the group’s needs arise.
  • BONUS: Email support
  • BONUS: Ad hoc walk-through sessions to help you handle the “tech” involved
  • BONUS: Feedback on your marketing copy

And more!

Ready to Join the Founders’ Cohort?

Ask about the V.I.P. Upgrade which includes a done-for-you bestseller campaign, additional 1:1 time with me, and more!

What Clients Say About Working with Carma

“Now I have a better idea of what I want to write about, how it’s going to benefit my readers, if it is something that’s needed in the marketplace to begin with, and how I can make it unique and not just write a whole generic book that’s been written already.”
Yasemin Inal

High Performance Coach

“Carma, I just want to say thank you for walking me through your book idea methodology. I, for a long time, didn’t want to write a book and didn’t think it would be of any help. I can speak about my message. That’s not a problem. I can do that. So why do I need to write a book? You walking me through that process was like, oh, my gosh, I want to write a book now. So, I thank you for that.”
Wanda Washingon

“Carma worked her magic in a matter of a few hours. She was able to do what I had been struggling to do alone for months! In addition to saving time and money, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Carma made figuring out how to say what I wanted to say, an engaging, fun and creative process that sparked more ideas to grow my coaching business.”
Jennifer Lauretti

Southborough, Mass.

“Before Carma’s Book Idea Diagnostic session, my idea was really vague…. After the session, I know I have work to do, but the experience was amazing. I think people really need to experience this.”
Chike McArthor


“Before the book diagnostic session, I was confused. I was doubtful. I had no idea of where to go with all my range of ideas. And afterward, I mean, I just found the whole experience clarifying. I’m able to identify where my weaknesses are and where my strengths are. And I also have a clear roadmap on how to strengthen those weaker parts. I feel much more clarity, I feel hope, and I feel raring to go on the next steps.”
Brook Packard

Founder, Sleepy Time Club

“Carma has an almost uncanny ability to pick up on what’s important and needs focus in a business. … as a coach, there is no unfamiliar terrain for Carma … She does it all with the same level of grace and clarity. I would send any entrepreneur that needs to get re-inspired and laser-focused on their dream to Carma.”
Rev. Rochelle Walden

Spirit in Business Coach

This All Sounds Great But…

Who should sign up for the Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience?
This is for service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for more and higher-quality leads. Although legacy books, fiction books, and other books written for creative self-expression are wonderful, this program is crafted specifically for creating and publishing a book that will market your business.
What time are the training sessions and should I sign up if I'm busy?
Live workshops will be held on weekends and will last between two to six hours, depending on the content. Other sessions may take place in the evening around 6:00 p.m. Central. In order to gain the most out of this program, you should be able to develop about three to six hours a week. Some weeks will be less, and some weeks, especially those weeks where there is a workshop, will be more.

If you are too busy to put in this amount of time to make your book happen, then this might not be the right program or time for you. However, although I do plan to offer this program again, I guarantee it won’t be at the Founder’s Cohort price.

What if I cannot be there live?
No problem! Your best opportunity is to attend the live trainings. However, if other obligations crop up, know that you can fall back on the recordings. In addition, some content will be pre-recorded and uploaded into your learning portal.
Do I have to be a professional writer for this to work?
No. I’ve known authors who wrote good books that had never written before. Part of this program is creating an outline so that it makes the writing much easier. I’ll provide you with templates that will help point you in the right direction. Also, you will — and should — hire an editor to help you polish your manuscript before it goes to print.
How do I know the Sprint to Bestseller Co-Creation Experience will work for me?
This program is for you if you:

  • are coachable
  • are an action taker
  • have some sort of evidence of your expertise
  • are willing to set aside the time you need to make your dream come true
  • are looking for a co-creation experience that comes with a mix of learning, doing, coaching &
  • done-for-you resources
  • want my brain on your book

This program is not for you if:

  • you are an absolute beginner with no authority and no experience in your topic
  • your book idea is for fiction or poetry
  • you are looking for a course with pre-recorded videos that you can watch at your own pace
  • you are not ready to step up and play big with your book and business

Ready to Get Your Book Done by Spring?

Ask about the V.I.P. Upgrade which includes a done-for-you bestseller campaign, additional 1:1 time with me, and more!

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