The Connector

You have a natural talent for networking and building bridges between people. As a Connector, you thrive on fostering strong relationships and leveraging your extensive network to create opportunities and facilitate partnerships.

What Makes a Connector?

Connectors are the architects of strong networks. Your prowess in nurturing relationships and bringing together like-minded individuals sets you apart. By creating spaces where collaboration flourishes, you empower others and amplify your own authority.

Elevate Your Game

Get ready for a curated email series designed to further deepen your understanding of your Authority-Building style.

Expert Insight

Rachel Brathen, also known as “Yoga Girl,” is a paragon of The Connector. She has harnessed the power of social media to create a global community centered around yoga and wellbeing. Through her workshops, retreats, and online platforms, Rachel has cultivated a network that transcends geographical boundaries, connecting people in the pursuit of holistic health and mindfulness. Her ability to create and sustain these connections makes her an exemplary model for Connectors everywhere.

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