Weekly Webinar Series
for Entrepreneur Authors – 2022

Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to push author shame to the curb and avoid the hell of another year of not accomplishing your dream of writing and publishing a book?

Good news! I am bringing my absolute best self for you in a new series of weekly live webinars. This series will help you…


STOP struggling with negative mindsets and knowledge gaps


STOP the endless hours searching Google and watching never ending YouTube videos


STOP feeling desperate, ashamed, hopeless and on the brink of giving up altogether

Announcing the 2022 Weekly Webinar Series for Entrepreneur Authors!

I am Carma and I take the time and fear out of writing a book. I can’t wait to share all my secrets with you during this series, most Saturdays at 9 a.m. CT, October 1 through December 17. (There will be no webinar on Thanksgiving weekend, and the times that differ are noted on this page.)

Here is just some of what you can expect in this free series:

The information you need to start and finish writing your nonfiction book...

… so that you can confidently proclaim your goal of writing a book in 2023 and know that you’ll do it this time.

How to overcome mindset hurdles that many authors face...

… so that you can ditch procrastination and feel the pride of publishing your book and holding it in your hands.

Why you need certain things in place if your book is going to succeed...

… at marketing your business so that you can better prepare for that success, and feel confident that you can do this.

Oh, and the best part? You don’t have to part with a single penny. No one cent, absolutely nothing. You are one simple click away from changing your business and life forever.

October 1

How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Book

Want to write a book that markets your business and showcases your knowledge and expertise? Learn how to choose the right topic for your book so that it attracts the right readers and supports your business goals.

October 8

What Is an Author’s Growth Mindset?

Authors can face a lot of demons on the road to publication. Learn the top 5 mindset shifts you need so that you can start and finish your book, then get it into the hands of your ideal readers.

Time: 7 am PT | 8 am MT | 9 am CT | 10 am ET

October 15

Write Now or Never:
Actionable Tips to Bust through Procrastination for Entrepreneurial Authors

In about 35 minutes, you’ll learn the science behind procrastination and my top 7 procrastination buster methods so that you can stop dreaming and start doing.

October 23

Your Past Does Not Define You

Don’t let past failures – from never starting the book you’ve been talking about to publishing one that didn’t achieve the goals you set for it – prevent you from being successful now or in the future. Learn how to bust through the top roadblocks rooted in the past so that you can achieve your author dreams.

Time: 12 pm PT | 1 pm MT | 2 pm CT | 3 pm ET

October 29

Amplify Your Authority:
Audience Building Tips for Entrepreneurial Authors

In less than 32 minutes, you’ll learn my top 3 platform-building tips for Entrepreneurial Authors so that you can start building your audience and amplifying your authority now.

November 5

How to Write a Book that Markets Your Business

Don’t think you can write a book? Learn the top three ways you can write a book that markets your business without having to get up at the crack of dawn to rent a cabin in the woods for a month.

Time: 7 am PT | 8 am MT | 9 am CT | 10 am ET

November 12

What You Actually Need to Market a Book that Markets Your Business

Wondering if you have what you need to support your book marketing? Learn the four marketing assets you need to market your book even if you have little cash and little time.

Time: 7 am PT | 8 am MT | 9 am CT | 10 am ET

November 19

How to Grow Your Business and Leave a Legacy with a Book

Your book doesn’t have to be all work and no play. It can be so much more! Learn how to weave a book that not only showcases your knowledge and expertise, but also leaves a legacy for your family, your community, and the world.

Time: 2 pm PT | 3 pm MT | 4 pm CT | 5 pm ET

December 3

How to Ensure a Successful Book that Markets Your Business

Learn the ICP Framework that ensures you develop a book that helps you grow your business.

Time: 7 am PT | 8 am MT | 9 am CT | 10 am ET

December 17

The 4 Ps of an Effective Business Book

Learn the four essentials a book that markets your business must have in place if you and the book are to have the “legs” for the Authorneer’s Journey.

Time: 7 am PT | 8 am MT | 9 am CT | 10 am ET


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