Cell phones ringing. Text messages dinging. Television beckoning. Social media singing its siren song. You’re enrolled in the latest 5-day business challenge. You have clients to serve and marketing tasks to accomplish. Your family and friends want to spend time with you. The latest book by Gary Vaynerchuk lies unread on your nightstand taunting you with shame-inducing sarcastic thoughts.

We live in a highly distracting world that overloads us with data and information. So how do you break through the noise and gain the attention of your ideal clients?

Enter the Pocket Positioner, a short book that provides concise and impactful content. This is the new power play in authority building. In this article, I’ll share the five top reasons that entrepreneurs attempting to establish their expertise, elevate their brands, and stand out in a sea of sameness, should consider adding a strategically crafted short book to their marketing toolkit.

What Is a Short Book?

First, let’s make sure we have the same understanding about what a Pocket Positioner is … and is not. A short book ranges from 20 to 100 pages and is usually distributed as an e-book. If the book is at least 75 pages, it can be distributed as a paperback or hardcover book, as well. These books can be easily taken along while on the go, and can be read in a few hours, rather than days or weeks.

A strategically crafted short book delivers knowledge and insights on a very narrow, and specific topic. Because of this, they have the potential to make a significant impact on the reader and propel your expertise to the next level.

Now on to the reasons that short books are such good authority-building assets.

Reason #1: Lead Generation Tool

Short books, when constructed intentionally, make better lead magnets than other options such as webinars, quizzes, checklists, and so forth. When listed with Amazon and other online booksellers, they can reach a broader net of potential clients. Readers are much less distracted from your content than webinar attendees, quiz takers, and people who download other freebies from your website. Because of that, they spend more time with your content and develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with your business. This leads to a potentially higher conversion rate of those who read your book.

Reason #2: Marketing and Branding Tool

A well-crafted short book can serve as a powerful and versatile marketing and branding tool, helping you articulate your unique perspective and approach, thus differentiating yourself in the market. Once published, you can leverage them in various ways to maximize your reach and impact. You can:

  • Distribute physical copies at conferences, events, or client meetings, providing a tangible and memorable takeaway.
  • Offer digital copies as a free or low-cost resource on your website, capturing potential leads and establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Short books can also be repurposed into blog posts, articles, videos, or other social media content, expanding your online presence, and driving traffic to your website or business.

Reason #3: Efficient Knowledge Transfer

Short books allow you to convey your expertise in a concise, direct manner. This efficiency appeals to busy readers, including decision-makers and industry leaders, who often prefer quick yet insightful reads. When you narrow your focus and concentrate your knowledge, expertise, and insights on a single subject within a Pocket Positioner, you can dive deep into the key concepts and provide valuable insights that leave a lasting impression on your readers. The concise nature of these books ensures that every word counts, eliminating any fluff or unnecessary information. This approach allows you to showcase your expertise clearly and concisely, leaving readers with a strong impression of your knowledge.

Reason #4: Higher Readability and Completion Rates

Your lead magnet does no good if the person who downloads it doesn’t consume it. Yes, they are on your list, but they are rarely engaged. A shorter book is more likely to be read from start to finish, which increases the chances of your message being fully absorbed and remembered by the reader. By offering valuable content in easily digestible portions, authors of shorter books have the opportunity to capture an audience that might have otherwise overlooked lengthy publications.

Reason #5: Enhanced Credibility

Publishing a book, regardless of its length, automatically positions you as an established authority in your field. It enhances your credibility and elevates your profile in the eyes of your target audience. When you distribute your short book during networking events or conferences, potential clients and partners will perceive you as an expert, leading to increased trust and business opportunities. Additionally, your book serves as a tangible asset that demonstrates your commitment to your field, strengthening your professional image.

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, short books have proven to be a valuable tool in driving thought leadership. By offering concise yet impactful insights and ideas, entrepreneurs can effectively communicate their expertise, expand their influence, and inspire others to explore new perspectives. As attention spans continue to shrink, the power of short books in shaping thought leadership is likely to grow, making them an indispensable resource for individuals and companies seeking to establish themselves as industry-leading authorities.

Overall, the emergence of short books or pocket positioners as a power play in authority building is primarily driven by their concise format, authority-establishing potential, portability, storytelling capabilities, and the digital publishing landscape. As readers increasingly prioritize convenience and immediate value, authors can leverage the effectiveness of short books to position themselves as industry leaders and effectively engage with their target audience.

If you are ready to write your lead-generating, authority-building short book, download my QuickStart Guide to Writing an Authority-Building Short Book today! It will not only help you identify your best book idea, but also your authority-building style and the ideal Pocket Positioner for your style and goals.


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